The Best Time To Buy A Pre-Owned Luxury Car In Dubai

With one the widest selections of used luxury supercars in the world in Dubai you may be wondering when is the best time to pull the trigger and make the purchase.


Heed these words:

Make hay while the sun shines.

Without a doubt the best time to buy a used luxury car in Dubai is in the summer, unlike many other tourist hotspots Dubai becomes quieter in the summer due to the uncomfortable heat. 

As a result, a savvy buyer can use this as the perfect time to strike and get a secondhand supercar at a great price.

While the city empties out for the summer months business understandably slows in a lot of sectors and the luxury used car market is no different. Many used car showrooms Dubai slightly reduce prices on their stock as a result and car dealers are more open to negotiation. 

If you’re in the market for your very own used luxury car then the summer months should be your target. Many used car buyers in Dubai will leave the city during this time to escape the heat meaning you will have less competition when viewing your desired model.

The luxury cars in Dubai are a sight to be seen in the sun and with so many to choose from you do yourself a disservice by shopping in the winter when prices are high and competition is fierce.

While used luxury cars still aren’t cheap those who are interested in getting things at the best price may be pleasantly surprised when they find that slightly better deals are available to them when they brave the heat as one of the few used car buyers in Dubai during summer time.

With the most premium selection of used luxury cars in Dubai and also used supercars in Dubai (an important distinction) any used car buyer will be delighted with what they see at The CV Automobile.  

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