Buying Your First Luxury Car? 5 Tips For A Successful Purchase.


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Buying your first Luxury car or even Luxury Supercar in Dubai can be an intimidating process. Especially when you take into account the amount of used luxury cars for sale in Dubai.

Here are 5 tips which you can keep in mind to make the process go smoother and be sure you are happy with the luxury car you buy.


1. Research which car you want.

This may seem obvious but before you go ahead with purchasing a used luxury car in Dubai be sure you know what you want. For many luxury cars there are various models and option levels associated with them. A small bit of research could save you headache and heartbreak later when you realise the car you bought doesn’t have the particular option or extra you were looking for. Research the cars option levels at sites such as Car&Driver to help you to decide.

Be clear on what you want and why you want it. Do you want coupe or convertible? Do you want the base model or the sportiest model? 

Also be sure to learn if there are common issues associated with the particular car you’re choosing and how owners have dealt with them. No car is completely perfect and so recognise what issues you may face once you purchase so you can be prepared to deal with them.


2. Confirm warranty and service details.

An important point whenever making a car purchase is to confirm if the car is still within its warranty and service contract period. If the car is within it’s warranty period but does not come with warranty then perhaps the car is from a different region (Europe for example) which would mean the warranty is not valid in the GCC region. If the car is GCC spec and within its warranty period but has no warranty then perhaps something happened to the car in the past. 

Its important to note also that when it comes to the service contract that not all brands offer service contracts. For those that do you must be aware of how many kilometres they will offer a free service until and consider this when purchasing your luxury supercar.

Even if the cars warranty and service contract has expired you can check if the full service history is available so that you know the car has been looked after. For your peace of mind you can still get a third-party warranty from companies such as

Once you have confirmed the warranty and service details of the car you want to buy then.


3. Be aware of the maintenance associated with supercars & luxury cars.

When doing your research to buy used luxury cars in Dubai you should be aware of the maintenance costs associated with owning such a high level cars.

Many of these expenses will be covered under by the warranty and service contract if the car is new but even still it is important to know what is not covered as well as knowing the expense.


4.Take a test drive 

Now that you know exactly which car you want and what to expect when owning this model it’s time to find one and arrange a test drive to see how you like it. With so many car dealers in Dubai selling used luxury cars it can be difficult to choose where to go first. By searching for the car you want on platforms such as  Dubizzle  and Dubicars, you can see how many used cars are for sale of the model you want. Narrow down this list based on your specific requirements and plan your route.

When entering a showroom be respectful and understand that the car you want to test drive may belong to someone else and the showroom are selling it for them so it may take some time to arrange your test drive.

Once the test drive is arranged follow the luxury used car showroom agents instructions and do not put yourself or them in danger while driving.


5. Pick the right showroom for you.

When buying luxury second hand cars in Dubai you will not be short of options but what is most important is finding the luxury car showroom that is right for you.

After following the above steps and finding out which used car showrooms in Dubai have the car you want take some time to find out about each showroom. Look up their Google reviews and ask some friend if they have experience with these showrooms. 

Each showroom has their own positives and negatives and it is up to you to decide what you are looking for.

At CV Automobile our focus is not just to sell you a car but to build a long-term relationship with you as a client through providing you with the high levels of service and respect that you expect when purchasing a luxury car in Dubai. We like to our clients to feel comfortable the moment you enter our luxury showroom. To do this we make sure everyone who enters receives a warm greeting, is offered refreshments and has an enjoyable conversation about their desired car instead of a simple sales transaction. 

Treating our clients like family has allowed us to grow rapidly and build one of the strongest reputations of all the car showrooms in Dubai. 

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