Range Rover 2022: The King of The Road

You need not look far to understand the popularity of the Range Rover in Dubai. 

In a city very fond of SUV’s the Range Rover stands out as one of the most accessible and versatile models available. Flash forward to 2022 and this explains the unmatched hype for Range Rovers newest offering.

Undeniably sleeker than its predecessors with just the right blend of modern aesthetic and futuristic tech the 2022 Range Rover is eye-catching to say the least. As a result it should be no surprise that it is one of the most demanded cars for sale in Dubai.

Boasting an updated interior paired with a 8-cylinder engine producing 523 horsepower the 2022 Range Rover P530 certainly has enough improvements to justify an upgrade for any fan of the brand.

Just like before,  visibility is excellent due to the raised seating position. The steering is ideally weighted and balanced, neither scary light nor pointlessly heavy. Body roll is well controlled, particularly in Dynamic mode, the Range Rover moving a little on its suspension on turn-in before settling and holding a line with its physics-defying combination of anti-roll control, torque vectoring and intelligent all-wheel drive.

While of course still a large car, the P530 naviagtes streets and tight space manoeuvres better than before with increased on and off-road capabilities. More impressive is the way the system is integrated, virtually shortening the car’s wheelbase without requiring any additional brain power to factor in the rear wheel’s movements. Something rarely see in four-wheel drive car.

Taking all this into account. Car dealers in Dubai have been impatiently waiting for the opportunity to get them as there are very few of these cars for sale in Dubai or even the UAE.

Want to see the new Range Rover for yourself? Come for a viewing at CV AUTOMOBILE    and feel the difference first hand.

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