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  • Simply bring the car and yourย Emirates IDย plus registration card to the showroom.


  • We will evaluate your car on the spot and confirm the valuation with a third-party inspection. Following the inspection we will finalise the valuation and arrange your payment.
  • We are happy to put you in contact with our trusted partners who will provide you with a full warranty and service contract.
  • We ensure our stock is of the highest quality. Each car that we sell receives a pre-inspection on arrival to the showroom with a full third-party inspection available at buyers request before car delivery.
  • We aim to ensure that every car has both warranty and service contract. If a car is in very clean condition but is outside its warranty period we will still stock it and assist you in obtaining a warranty if you wish.
  • You may send a representative to purchase your car if you so choose. However yourย Emirates ID and a physically signed contract are required before we can release your car.


  • We advise you to be present if possible to ensure you are fully satisfied with your new car before taking it from the showroom.
  • Yes. At CV Auto, we can offer test drives on pre-owned cars. Kindly contact us for further details at +971 43 94 0068.
  • Depending on the deal and if the car is prepped and ready to go with no further requests from the buyer; as soon as the full payment is received we can get the car delivered in as little as 24hr but it could take longer so bare that in mind!
  • We accept a number of payment methods such asย cash, bank transfer,ย credit card (2.5% charge)ย andย USDT.
  • Our dedicated finance team will assist you from start to finish with your finance application and will ensure you get the best rates available while also completing the process rapidly.
  • Yes, we will arrange insurance finding you the most competitive rate and take responsibility of the full registration process.
  • We are happy to arrange a pre-delivery inspection with one our trusted third-party garages on any car that you have booked.


  • If you have a particular garage you would like the car to go to we reserve the right to oblige your request on a case by case basis.



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Atย CV Auto, you can get a better deal whether youโ€™re Buying or Selling a Luxury Car. A wide selection of New and Pre-owned luxury cars is offered at competitive prices.