At CV Auto, you can get a better deal whether you’re buying or selling a luxury car. a wide selection of new and pre-owned luxury cars is offered at competitive prices.


There are over 30+ brands and 250+ luxury & sport cars to choose from. 


Our expert team at CV Automobile is here to provide you with the best service in Dubai.


You can trade in or sell your car at the best market price. No haggling. No pressure.


Affordable and competitive market prices are guaranteed.


We value the reputation we have built with our clients over everything. Without the trust of our clients we would have no reputation.  The luxury car market is our specialty and have devoted great time and attention to it. By stocking everything from the most exotic cars and luxury brands we have established ourselves as one of the most respected car dealers in Dubai. Our intention remains to continue growing and supplying the best luxury cars in Dubai. Our vision to be the premier showroom for luxury cars in Dubai becomes more real by the day.


We are not in the luxury car business and selling to people, we are in the people business and selling luxury cars. We put service first and it shows. By striving to always go the extra mile our commitment to unparalleled service shows in every deal we do. We recognise that finding the perfect car for you is merely the first step on the journey to building a lasting relationship for years to come. 

By ensuring that your every need is met  from the curious moment you first enter our showroom to the joyous moment you drive away in your new luxury car at CV Automobile we can proudly say that we are unlike any other showroom you have been to and the service we provide must be experienced to be understood.

To make this happen our dedicated and experienced team is split into multiple departments each with a specific role in catering to you and your car buying journey.


From the moment you step into our showroom it becomes clear that we have a strong culture here, one that we have worked hard to build. We began as a small team of close friends and as we’ve expanded have maintained the warm friendly atmosphere that made us so successful. Those who begin as clients quickly become friends and are proud to say they shop at CV Automobile as our name has become synonymous with quality and professionalism for anyone looking to buy and sell cars in Dubai.


We are not in the business of one time customers and instead work to ensure our first contact with you is the start of a long lasting relationship. In Dubai’s luxury car market this could not be achieved without maintaining the high standards that we set for ourselves since the beginning.

Our clients have many options when buying new or second hand cars in Dubai and the fact they return to us time and time again to buy their new car or sell their used car showcases the loyalty the have to us over any another luxury car showroom. Their faith in our brand and what we represent is the driving force behind why we constantly push to innovate on ideas that better serve them when buying new or used luxury supercars.