The Best Way To Sell A Used Car In Dubai 2023

Many car owners regard selling a used car in Dubai as time-consuming and risky process. 

In order to sell your car and be happy with the outcome you first need to ask yourself a few questions. We will outline the potential questions you should ask yourself before you sell your car in Dubai below.

Is now the right time to sell? 

Having knowledge of the market you are dealing in is important when buying or selling any asset, Dubai’s used car market is no different. Before beginning the process of selling your used car it is important to do the necessary research. This includes looking at the current prices that your car is selling at online as well researching the pricing history of your car to be sure that now is the right time to sell. For current prices you can check  Dubizzle  and  Dubicars, for pricing history you can use  DriveArabia.

At the time of writing this the used car market is very high and so now is the optimal time to sell almost any model of used cars in Dubai.


Have you taken the steps to make sure your car gets the best price?

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when deciding to sell your car in Dubai. With such a large number of car dealers in Dubai running large used car showrooms it is highly likely that there are many of the same model car as yours selling right now. 

This means that your car will have competition on its price. To make sure that your used car gets the best price possible compare your cars mileage and option levels to others you see online. From here you can work out the price range your car will sell for. To be confident that you will sell your used car in the upper portion of its price range it is important to do a thorough check of the condition of your car. Remember that you are competing with many used car showrooms that will fix minor faults such as scratches and dents before they list their car online. 

If you do not have the experience to do a full inspection of your car then consider bringing it to a garage that will conduct an inspection for you. If you have only minor cosmetic issues to fix then getting them repaired may be worth the money if it allows you to sell your car at a higher price point. 

Once you are happy with the condition of the car the second point is to ensure you have all the necessary documents associated with it. This is essential when selling your used car in Dubai. Many used cars do not come with full documentation and so by having everything you give yourself a competitive advantage in the market. These include warranty and service contract documents (if valid) as well as full-service history and a list of any repairs done. 

By ensuring your car is in good condition and having all necessary documents you give potential buyers peace of mind and have a much greater chance of selling your used car at its maximum price point.


How and where should you sell?

Now that you are ready to list your car you are left with the final question of where exactly you want to list it and how do you want to sell it. There are multiple options.

Private – In person:

This means simply telling people you are selling a used car and hoping that you find a buyer through word of mouth. It is not advised due to the low chance of finding a used car buyer meaning the time it takes to sell will be increased as well as the fact that a buyer may be suspicious why you would not post online.

Private – online:

This involves posting the car yourself online on classified sites such as Dubizzle and Dubicars. While this method works better than selling through word of mouth it involves taking your own pictures, posting and managing the ad then arranging viewings with buyers and haggling on price face to face. 

You are much more likely to find a buyer this way than the first method but the downside is the time and effort commitment required on your part.

Dealer – direct:

Alternatively to selling it to another buyer yourself you can sell your used car directly to a used car showroom. This is undoubtedly the most time efficient method. However, an important point to note is that a used car showroom is a business meaning they are buying your used car with the intention of reselling it later for a profit. In order to be sure that your car will sell at a fair price they will normally always carry out a third party inspection before agreeing to buy and also may not offer you the exact price you are looking for. This is something to keep in mind if time is not an issue for you when selling your car then the final option may suit you the most.

Dealer – consignment: 

Most often the best option. By consigning your car with a car showroom you enjoy all of the positives of the car selling process with none of the negatives. In the consignment process you agree to keep your car in the dealers showroom and have them sell it for you. How you benefit from this is by agreeing with dealer on the price you want from the sale of the car and then allowing the showroom to do the rest.

What this means for you is that you no longer have to worry about paying or managing online ads and instead have a professional team to take the photos and manage the ad. On top of this, you no longer have to worry about arranging viewings with buyers and instead have a dedicated sales professional working on your behalf to sell your used car for you. They will use their experience to your benefit and ensure you get the best price. Once there is a deal on the table then the sales agent will reach out and inform you. After you agree to the deal they will begin the process and you simply sit back and wait for your money to arrive. Selling your car on consignment is essentially the same as selling privately except with the help of a professional showroom like CV Automobile doing all the work for you.

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