Luxury Cars Dubai: Renting vs Buying

You don’t have to look very hard to find supercars on the roads of Dubai. First time visitors to the city may believe that everyone driving these cars is super wealthy causing them to feel out of place.

However, the used luxury car rental space is a thriving market in Dubai. While the majority of luxury cars in Dubai have been purchased by their owners a significant portion of the supercars on the roads are also rented.

In this article we outline the pros and cons of renting vs buying supercars in Dubai to give you the information needed to make the best choice when stepping into your first luxury car.




Rather than buying one of the many luxury supercars in Dubai renting is of course going to be the cheaper option. Factors which influence this will of course be length of your rental period as well as the model of luxury car you want to rent. 

Unless you wish to only use the car for a few days or are testing out this particular car before you buy keep in mind that renting luxury cars over the long-term can quickly cost you close to what you would pay for an older model of the same car.


Being able to drive a luxury car on Monday and a supercar on Tuesday is the dream of any car enthusiast. Renting gives you the flexibility to change between different models as you wish while not committing to one large price tag. This is a clear benefit of renting over buying and is a clever tactic used by may smart used car buyers in Dubai to test out various different models before entering one of Dubai’s many used car showrooms and purchasing their very own car.



When you rent a car you are now responsible for someone elses property. This opens you up to serious liability in the case of an accident or any mistake you make while renting such as making a mess in the interior. For any extra costs you create on top of your initial expense the rental companies will charge you a premium. The same goes for any traffic fines you may receive while using your luxury car. If you cause an issue with the car you rent then you run the risk of being banned from renting in the future not just by the company you dealt with but also by many of the other rental car dealers in Dubai as your name will be added to a blacklist. Knowing this may take away from your overall experience with the car as you must be constantly aware of the liability and so cannot truly enjoy the car as if it were your own.



True Ownership:

For many car enthusiasts buying their first supercar is a dream. To buy a luxury car in Dubai and join all the other supercars on the road adds to that dream. There is no feeling quite like owning your own supercar. Once you make your purchase the car is now yours to do as you please, this includes modifications, long trips with friends and even taking it to a track if you desire it.

Resale Value:

Every dirham spent on a rental is money you will never see again. When you buy your own luxury supercar in Dubai you are buying an asset in one of the best locations on Earth for buying and selling luxury cars. 

With a small bit of research before you buy and maintenance while you own it your car can easily be worth more than you paid for it if you decide to sell. What this means is that if you do everything right your luxury car can actually make you money after you buy it rather than costing you anything. There is no shortage of luxury used car buyers in Dubai and this fact allows you to feel feel the full thrill of owning a luxury car while feeling none of the impact on your wallet.


Maintenance & Repair Costs

Now that you are the owner of your own supercar you will have to take care of the maintenance and repairs. These costs can be greatly reduced and mostly avoided if you buy the car with warranty or choose to purchase a third-party warranty with a trusted agent like Maintenance costs will differ greatly between each of the luxury car brands so it is important to do your research before buying used cars in Dubai at any of the luxury car dealers in Dubai.

As you can see the whether you choose to rent or buy is dependent on both your situation and your requirements. For those visiting Dubai briefly renting is most often the preferred choice but when staying long-term purchasing the car outright allows drivers to fully enjoy the car and potentially profit from the car when they want to sell. 

Regardless of which option you pick the experience of driving a supercar is not one to be missed and Dubai might just be the best place on Earth to have that experience.

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