Is The Future Really Electric?

Electric cars are here, but are they here to stay? 

It seems as if with each passing week we hear more and more about electric cars such as which models are coming and how much better they will be than their petrol counterparts.

But are electric cars really poised to be the future of motoring or will they forever remain the niche market they are now.

Out of the wide market of cars for sale in Dubai electric and hybrid cars still makeup a very small portion of the cars we see on the road. In a report by DEWA the number of registered electric cars in Dubai totals 5107, it’s worth noting that only seven years ago this number was 71.

Is it crazy to think that in a few years we may see car showrooms Dubai stocking only fully electric cars with their petrol predecessors relegated to private garages and museums?

At this point it may be difficult to judge the future popularity of electric luxury supercars in Dubai. However the trendiness of them cannot be ignored. It has become very apparent now that many of the world’s major luxury supercar brands are joining the race to create the ultimate electric car.

Of course, no article on electric cars should skip over Tesla who released their first car (The Roadster) in 2008, in recent years we have seen many brands which made their start in petrol now switch to battery power thanks to Tesla’s example.

On the upper level of cars, two brands that stick out are Porsche and Ferrari. While to most the Taycan is Porsche’s first rollout of an electric car true enthusiasts of the brand will know that it was preceded by the Cayenne S hybrid in 2010 and historians may recall that Ferdinand Porsche unveiled a hybrid dubbed the P1 in the year 1900. 

Between the Cayenne and the Taycan of course came the 918 Spyder in 2013 which further evidences the fact that hybrid cars and their potential have long been brewing in the motor industry.


Rare electric models such as the Taycan Cross Turismo are highly sought after by electric enthusiasts and still remain difficult to source in the UAE and are not easily found in luxury used car showrooms Dubai. The model pictured below is the only one of its kind in the whole country.


With the Taycan receiving great attention and praise amongst drivers upon launch it was soon followed by the hybrid Panamera. It wasn’t long before both cars found their way to the UAE and the car showrooms Dubai. Coupled with Tesla models such as the X and S Porsche’s electric range has been received well in Dubai. Despite still enjoying only a fraction of market share, public sentiment towards these cars continues to grow which is high praise given the astounding array of luxury supercars on the roads of Dubai.

Ferrari, not to be beaten in any race, answered back forcefully with the hybrid SF90 boasting 1000HP and an acceleration time of 0-100kmh in 2.5s. Having also launched the LaFerrari in 2013 they too have shown a track record of interest in electric power and wild success with their creations.

Each month more and more hybrid and fully electric cars can be found on the floors of car showrooms Dubai. As time passes the luxury used cars dealers in Dubai who sell them such as CV Automobile have watched as popularity for these models has continued to soar.

With all these high-end models of both the past and present coupled with other mid-level models such as the BMW i8 and more recent Mercedes EQS the major brands are certainly showing enough interest in an electric future for the rest of us to sit up and take notice.

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