CV Automobile Origins.


A decade of experience in Luxury car selling and buying. Every model for sale has been delivered to the highest level of quality standards. We look forward to assisting to you find your DREAM car.

The idea for CV Automobile was born in 2010 as the brainchild of brothers Sibtain and Asif Jaffer alongside Sharam Parvizi. Their vision? To assemble the best collection of luxury supercars cars in the world under the roof of Dubais top used car showroom which would have an urban warehouse feel similar to what you would have for your own private collection.

While the aesthetic was important to the founders what mattered most was the genuine passion, the attention to detail and the commitment to seven star service which would fuel the showroom and separate them from their peers as the obvious choice when buying luxury cars in Dubai.

The idea became reality, and a successful reality at that.

Opening its doors in 2017 CV Automobile quickly became one of the most established luxury supercar dealers in Dubai. This was achieved by staying true to the commitments and values they had mapped out for their luxury used car showroom when they first sat together.

With the vision in mind to provide a seven star service and put themselves ahead of their competitors in the Dubai used cars market they assembled a loyal team which became like a family. This allowed CV Automobile to rapidly become one of the most recognisable names for luxury cars Dubai has to offer.

The CV Automobile team continually work on their vision to become the first and last stop for anyone looking to buy or sell their luxury car and boasts some of the highest level second hand cars for sale in the UAE.

There are of course many car dealers in Dubai and the UAE which makes it a competitive market but Car Vault welcomed the competition and have grown consistently to become the premier luxury showroom in Dubai. By developing their business with the true car enthusiast in mind CV Automobile focused on the core trade of their business and infused it with a passion not found in a typical showroom.

With an unmatched enthusiasm and knowledge of the automobile space the CV Automobile team have been able to achieve each of the goals they set out when they began and continue moving towards new goals. Beginning as a small dream-driven showroom the CV Automobile is now a regular visiting place for some of the worlds top influencers and motor enthusiasts as well as one of the most well recognised and respected names when it comes to Dubai used cars.

At CV Auto, you can find a better deal whether you’re Buying or Selling a luxury car. A wide selection of new and pre-owned luxury cars is offered at competitive prices.

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